Skylift (Mobile Aerial Platform) - To provide temporary access for people or equipment to inaccessible areas, usually at height for maintenance or construction work purpose.

All skylift come equipped with a highly experienced, trained and professional driver/operator included in the rate.

Our skylift rental service are available in Kuala Lumpur, Klang, Selangor and Seremban.


Way To Choose Your Right Skylift

There are 7 points to consider.

1) How high is my job? -
The machine height we quoted is measurement from ground level to the platform’s maximum height, plus the reach of an average person.
2) How much weight can I carry? -
The outreach is dependent on the weight within the bucket, i.e. the less weight in the bucket the greater the outreach. Always calculate the total weight that the machine will have to carry including any tools. The average person load weighs 80kg and the weight a skylift less that 30meter can carry not more than 200kg. Machine diagrams carry additional information.
3) How much outreach do I need? -
The outreach of a machine is measured from the centre of the turret to the fingertips of the average person on a fully extended boom. Remember to include the vehicle width and outrigger spread.
4) What are my ground conditions? -
Gradient, wet or rough will make a difference to your choice of equipment. Speak to our Hire desk to find the ideal machine for your conditions.
5) Can I operate the machine myself? -
All of our machine apart from HGV and the highly specialised ranges can be self-operated. Operators are available for all of our machines if required. We are able to provide a training course for all self-operated machines.
6) What is the cost? - self operated -
Self-operated machines are hired on a monthly rate. The minimum hire period is 1 month. All hire rates are exclusive of transportation. All prices are exclusive of GST.
7) What is the cost? - operated -
The hire rate is based on a minimum 8 hour day. Please call our Hire Desk for a quote. Prices are exclusive of GST.